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Help Anne through her recovery from stroke
Source: Eileen
Date: May 22, 2019
This is Anne - a stroke patient whom you have helped previously through your donations. Earlier, Ray of Hope raised S$1,200 for Anne who suffered from stroke last March. The illness caught her off guard when it occurred while she was travelling for a mission trip. Since the onset of her stroke, Anne became caught in straitened circumstances when she could not continue working to support herself financially. When the case workers met Anne for her last cheque disbursement recently, the 63-year-old recalled how her work as a graphic designer gave her a deep sense of purpose and fulfilment before her stroke. Anne told us that the past year has not been easy for her as she was constantly struggling with her housing loan repayment as well as her living arrears. Anne also shared with us that she has stopped attending physiotherapy sessions at the hospital since she could no longer afford to attend due to the increased transport costs. However, Anne believes that there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Even with her financial constraints, Anne is determined to get well so that her life can get better through exercising on her own. Her efforts have been proven to be worthwhile as her mobility has improved and she is now able to move around more easily without aid. Although the road to making a complete recovery may seem daunting to some, Anne believes that she is able to be well again, through the support of her siblings and friends around her. Anne told us that she is often reminded of the helpless times that she has been through that could have left her dejected and how stroke has turned her life around completely, but she is positive about overcoming her obstacles to emerge stronger than before. Anne now devotes her time to helping an overseas orphanage with website and graphic designing work – a part of her that she often speaks very passionately about. Quoting Anne, “I have never lost sight of my vision of empowering someone underprivileged and helping them be better than they were yesterday.”   Financial Breakdown Ray of Hope would like to support Anne during her recovery period by raising $1,500 ($300 x 5 months) for her living expenses.   *Anne does not qualify for SSO assistance due to her room rental income which is currently being used for her housing loan repayment.  
News from our Past Cases
Able-bodied sole breadwinner loses his health
Source: Eileen
Date: May 21, 2019
The Struggle He came to Singapore to work hoping to improve the lives of his widowed mum, wife and 1-year-old son back in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, his dream of succeeding and improving the social status of his family if he worked hard enough, were suddenly dashed when he was involved in a workplace accident last September. The accident took place when Asrof, 31 years old, was standing on a raised platform and working a hand-held metal grinder when it malfunctioned and the handle fell off. The accident has resulted in Asrof falling 2 metres onto the floor, sustaining severe injuries on his back, shoulder blades, left leg and right hand. That incident has changed the 31 year old’s life completely as the able bodied man could no longer continue working to support his family of 4 when his activities of daily living were badly affected. Even after staying 4 days at the hospital and his medical leave being extended by another 28 days subsequently, Asrof was unable to lift heavy objects or walk without a limp. The worker who used to work in a shipyard and was able to work and send remittances back home was suddenly unable to work. He was the sole breadwinner of his family but now he struggles with even moving around.    Help Needed – Give Hope Asrof used to earn S$550 a month and worked 7 days a week from 8am to 6pm. Even when he does not have an off day to get ample rest, Asrof has never complained about how hard he needed work in order to support his family back home. To pay for his agent’s fee of around S$10,000, Ashrof has borrowed a large sum of money from both the bank as well as his relatives and friends. The 31-year-old told us that he has previously received a total of $500-$600 of MC wages and had sent remittances home for his loan repayment as well as his family’s living expenses. Now that he is on medical leave until 17thJuly 2019 and is unfit to work, his family is struggling to repay their loans and debts. Despite the pain that he needs to go through every single day, Asrof is working hard so that he gets to see light at the end of his tunnel. He is currently undergoing TCM and physiotherapy treatments offered by a migrant worker advocacy organisation in hope of nursing his health back quickly out of love for his family.   Financial Breakdown Asrof’s meals are currently provided for by a migrant worker advocacy organisation. Since his accident, Asrof has approached the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) to seek compensation from his employer, and he understands that it will take months before MOM reverts to him with an answer. Asrof's medical expenses are currently paid for by his employer. Hence, ROHI wishes to raise S$840 ($210 x 4 months) to defray Asrof’s living expenses while he waits for the outcome of his compensation by MOM. Your donations would give hope to a helpless man who used to be the sole breadwinner of his family!   *Ray of Hope case workers have cited medical documents provided by Asrof. However, they will not be published as he is currently awaiting closure on his MOM compensation.

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