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84-year-old continues to suffer in fear
Source: Eileen
Date: Nov 20, 2018
The Struggle Even at 84, Mr Lee is thankful that he is still mobile and able to support himself even though he is not exactly in the best state of health. But compared to others of his age, the elderly considers himself to be lucky that he is not in debt. Mr Lee told the case workers that he used to work as a taxi driver and subsequently as a cleaner, clocking more than eight hours a day, six day a week. Although he was only earning about $850 a month then, he was contented that he not only has a roof over his head, he also does not need to worry about when his next meal will be. Unfortunately, he started falling sick often and ultimately could not continue working about 8 years ago when his legs were getting weak.   Help Needed – Give Hope Since he stopped working, the single elderly has been relying on his savings to get by. Mr Lee is currently staying in a 1-room rental flat with a co-tenant who has been exhibiting aggressive behavior towards the 84-year-old. Mr Lee shared with the case workers that on several occasions, his flat mate even went to the extent of pouring acid on the elderly when he was asleep after he refused to surrender his savings to him. Since then, Mr Lee has been living in fear as he knows that he is no longer strong enough to fight back physically to protect himself from danger. In spite of his fear, Mr Lee He also showed a strong resistance in dealing with his emotional hardships, and even hopes to be able to continue working for as long as he can.   Financial Breakdown ROHI would like to raise $900 ($300 x 3 months) to help Mr Lee with his food and sundry expenses so that he does not need to worry about when his next meal will be. Your donations will give hope to the helpless elderly!  
News from our Past Cases
Abused single mum left ex-husband to protect children
Source: ROHI/ Shu Ying
Date: Oct 22, 2018
The Struggle Perhaps, it is truly maternal instinct for mums to protect and keep their children safe. Even though Ms Koh has been physically hurt and abused by her ex-husband ever since she married him 5 years ago, the 23-year-old has never thought of leaving him out of fear and hope that he will change for the better. The final straw was when Ms Koh’s husband started hitting her 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter, that Ms Koh decided it was finally time to leave her husband for good, as she no longer wants to put her children’s lives in danger. The single mum is now living with her two aged parents and is having difficulties supporting her 2 young children.   Help Needed - Give Hope  It was not an easy decision for Ms Koh to get out of the abusive relationship. After all she was trapped in the marriage and confined to the four walls of the house ever since she got married at 18. She confided in us and told us how she was afraid to leave him because she feels helpless and is unaware of any help that exists in the community. Even during her pregnancy days, her ex-husband would hit and push her. On one occasion, it was so severe that she had to be hospitalized to get 7 stitches on her forehead. The 23-year-old tolerated his actions for the sake of her children. She thought he will be a loving dad to his kids and that his abusive nature was only directed towards her. Little did she know that once her children were born, her ex-husband also began hitting them too. Her 5-year-old is so afraid of his dad today because of his violent tendencies. That was when the young mum told us how scared she was for her kids’ safety that she decided to file a protection order against him. They are currently separated and Ms Koh has shifted to her parents’ place. Things haven’t been easy for the single mum as her elderly mum and dad are also diagnosed with a range of chronic diseases such as heart problem, arthritis etc. She just started working recently and her mum is working 6 days a week to support the family. Her ex-husband is also not providing any form of financial support to raise the 2 young children. Ms Koh is currently waiting for the divorce to be finalized so that she can receive some sort of subsidies for her children’s school fees. It is not easy raising two young kids at her age, but the amount of love she shows for them touched our hearts and we believe she can do it with your kind donations!   Financial Breakdown ROHI would like to help give hope to the young mum by raising $1200 ($300 for 4 months) while she awaits results for her divorce and application for public assistance. Please give hope to this resilient single mum!   *Ms Koh is currently not receiving any public assistance.

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