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Help a sick and struggling father with living expenses
Source: ROHI/Sharifah
Date: Mar 14, 2018
Mr Amir, 46 years old, suffers from diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. He also suffered a stroke more than 10 years ago. Due to his diabetes, he currently suffers from blurred vision and is unable to see well. His wife, Madam Sharifah, suffers from osteoarthritis and poor vision. For many years Mr Amir was the family’s sole breadwinner however he is now unable to work after developing blood in his urine. Every time Mr Amir urines, there will be blood and a discharge of thick blood clots which causes immense pain for Mr Amir. He also experiences giddiness whenever there is a discharge of bloody urine. Due to this, Mr Amir tries not to go to the toilet too many times a day as the pain can be unbearable. He has gone for a colon scope to find out the exact condition that he is suffering, and the report will be out soon. To make matters worse, he has developed stroke like symptoms and the left side of his upper body is numb, limp and stiff. He is currently scheduled for physiotherapy. As Mr Amir is unable to work, he depends solely on the support from his wife who earns S$7/ hour as a dishwasher. Tragedy struck the family financially when in the middle of February this year, Mr Amir informs us that his wife was unfairly dismissed and terminated from work. The couple has filed a report with the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management and is currently seeking compensation from the company. Mr Amir is currently heavily in debt with various telecommunication companies, hospitals, Singapore Power and HDB. He is currently staying in a 2-room rental apartment with his two sons. His eldest son, who is currently serving National Service, have developed severe depression and will be hospitalised soon as he requires urgent treatment. ROHI would therefore like to raise another S$250 a month for 3 months to defray Mr Amir’s living expenses while he goes through a difficult period.
News from our Past Cases
Source: ROHI admin
Date: Feb 13, 2018

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