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Give hope to an injured 22-year-old and his family!
Source: ROHI/Sharifah
Date: Sep 24, 2018
  The Accident On February 2017, Mr Henri, who was only 21 years old, left home in a rural town in Bangladesh to work as a construction worker in Singapore. He lay cables underneath the road surface so that Singaporeans can commute safely on our roads. Exactly one year into working in Singapore, on the 19th of February 2018, 22-year-old Mr Henri suffered a horrific accident. He was laying cables underneath a road in Singapore when his colleague lost control of a road cutter. The road cutter sliced various parts of Mr Henri’s left feet and he required immediate surgery to close the many gaping wounds on his feet. He is currently unable to work as he is still recuperating from his extensive injuries and he has a few metal plates inserted on his toes and feet. The Struggle Mr Henri’s company has not paid his MC wages and he has not send money home since March 2018. His father suffers from chronic kidney failure and requires urgent medical intervention in Bangladesh. He was his family’s sole breadwinner sending more than half his salary home per month. His father could afford medication before the accident occurred however, after the accident, Mr Henri has not been sending money home and his father’s condition has deteriorated further. Help Needed- Give Hope The surgery for Mr Henri’s father costs S$1,500. Mr Henri worries greatly for his father as there is nothing that he can do to help him. Even though Mr Henri himself is struggling in Singapore, not receiving his MC wages and having to wait for MOM’s compensation outcome which is expected to take a few more months, Mr Henri worries that should there be no medical assistance for his father soon, the worst may happen. ROHI is therefore trying to raise S$1,500 to defray the cost of Mr Henri’s father kidney surgery. He requires the surgery soon and Mr Henri and his family are unable to pay for the cost. Please help Mr Henri’s father and save his life! *His meals and shelter are currently settled by a migrant worker advocacy organisation    
News from our Past Cases
Help a filial daughter with her mum’s after life costs
Source: ROHI/ Shu Ying
Date: Sep 10, 2018
The Struggle A while back, ROHI has helped to fundraise $1200 to give Mdm Yee a place she can call home( With your help and your kind donations, the 61-year-old is no longer homeless today and is living in a rental flat. Just when things were looking up for Mdm Yee and she is finally in the midst of getting her life together, she was suddenly informed that her mum has passed on. Besides dealing with the grief of losing a loved one, she is also worried about the financial costs that comes with preparing for her mum’s aftercare.   Help Needed - Give Hope  Like every filial child, Mdm Yee feels like it is her responsibility to give her mum a decent send off. Unfortunately, Mdm Yee also knows that this is not something within her capacity, it was nothing she can afford with her current financial situation. The 61-year-old is still working as a cleaner at a fast food chain and draws a pay that is far from decent. It doesn’t help that her leg condition is deteriorating, and it prevents her from going to work on most days. This has resulted in her having difficulties to even pay for her monthly rental fees. Now that her mum has just passed on, the sudden cash needed upfront is one of Mdm Yee’s largest concern as she is unable to fork out such a large sum of money within a short notice. Financial Breakdown ROHI is helping to raise $1535.00 to help Mdm Yee with her mum’s funeral costs. Your $535.00 will go towards paying the temple and your $1000.00 will be paid for the funeral procedures and purchasing of coffin for her mum. Please give hope and donate to Mdm Yee to help her with her mum's after life costs!  

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