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Help Mr Hussin who has severe dementia with his dentures cost
Source: Eileen
Date: Oct 17, 2018
The Struggle Mr Hussin, 76 years old, is an elderly who is unable to support his family since he was diagnosed with severe dementia. His wife used to work as a part-time cleaner to support the family. Life has not been easy for 57-year-old Madam Hawa who is the sole caregiver to her husband, Mr Hussin, especially when Mr Hussin is unable to recognize her on some days. Madam Hawa herself suffers from various medical conditions including bilateral midfoot osteoarthritis, bilateral anterolateral ankle impingement and knee arthritis, and is unable to stand for long hours. With the deterioration of Madam Hawa’s arthritis, she could not cope with the constant pain and discomfort from the long working hours of her cleaning job, and had to stop working. Madam Hawa has considered sending her husband to the daycare while she takes on any other part-time jobs to support the family, but is worried about her husband's health, especially when he pleaded with her not to send him to the daycare where he will be alone and all by himself without her around. Since Mr Hussin's diagnosis, he has been heavily reliant on Madam Hawa for his daily living activities.   Help Needed - Give Hope With both of them unemployed, the family has since been relying on the $640 monthly assistance from the Social Service Office (SSO). Mr Hussin's current set of dentures is due for replacement since 2012, and he has been unable to do so without a source of income at home. The assistance that the family is receiving is barely sufficient to cover the household and groceries expenses for them, let alone for them to spend it on a new set of dentures which is considered to be a luxury item to the elderly couple.  Financial Breakdown ROHI would like to raise $520 for the family so that Mr Hussin can have a new set of dentures. Your donations can go a long way to giving the elderly couple hope!   *Mr Hussin's family is currently receiving public assistance from the Social Service Office (SSO).    
News from our Past Cases
Help a 63-year-old return home
Source: Eileen
Date: Oct 02, 2018
The Struggle Madam Tan, 63 years old, suffers from spinal issues which resulted in her being mostly confined at home. With her ambulation and activities of daily living limited, Madam Tan is mostly wheelchair-bound. With her extremely limited social network, Madam Tan does not have many friends to turn to for emotional or financial support.   Help Needed – Give Hope Madam Tan is currently attending rehabilitation due to degenerative disc disease and hip pain. Although she is awaiting discharge, she is unable to return home. Her home is currently unsafe for her due to the lack of a ramp and grab-bars which are necessary for her safety. The home modification at the toilet entrance is highly recommended by the care team due to Madam Tan’s functional status. Madam Tan is currently relying on the monthly rental income of $600 and a $100 contribution from her niece to get by, there is barely any extra income to pay for the home modification costs.   Financial Breakdown The modification will include: -       Hacking down of kerb -       Ramp and grab-bars installation at the toilet entrance -       Toilet door replacement ROHI is helping to raise $1,606 to help Madam Tan with the home modification costs. Please give hope and donate to help the Madam Tan! *Madam Tan is currently not receiving financial assistance from the Social Service Office (SSO).  

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