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Help Serena get through her darkest period
Source: Eileen
Date: Jan 15, 2019
The Struggle Sometime in April 2018 when 43-year-old Serene underwent a full body check-up, what appeared to be the size of a pimple was found on her body. Little did she know that the next few months down the road, the pimple increasingly grew in size into a lump and by now, she was required to undergo numerous rounds of tests. Serena was finally diagnosed with viral warts. Despite being physically and hurt in a relationship, Serena is still a strong single mother to her two children aged 18 and 10 years old. She is now living with her two aged parents and is having difficulties supporting her children as she continues to seek treatment for her medical condition.    Help Needed - Give Hope It was not an easy decision for Serena to get out of the abusive relationship, but she was determined to do so out of love for her children. Putting the emotional pain aside, she has to bear with the excruciating pain from her wound that was never healing well. Serena has recently started work as a Human Resource Executive with a gross monthly salary of $3,000. Due to the severity of her condition, Serena is required to undergo numerous health checks and tests, and is required to take leave for her medical appointments for the changing of her wound dressings. With a medical condition that isn’t likely to get well anytime soon, Serena is worried about the finances at home as she has been taking unpaid leave to attend medical check-ups and her employer has voiced out their unhappiness to her. She confided in us that there are some days, she really feels like throwing in the towel even since she was forced to take on the role of the sole breadwinner of her family. The 43-year-old mum told us that she is immensely grateful towards her social workers and everyone who has helped her thus far. She feels that she is blessed to have received help, especially during the families’ darkest days when they had to survive without any water or electricity as they could not afford to pay their bills. The resilient mum’s positive vibes towards life struck a chord with us and we could sense her determination to work her way out through things just for her family. In spite of her current situation, the single mum chose to only focus on the bright side of things. Things haven’t been easy for her through these while, especially when her elderly parents are also diagnosed with various medical conditions. Serena’s 71-year-old father who used to work as a cleaner suffers from diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol, while her 68-year-old mother suffers from fits resulting in tremors in her hands on top of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol. Through our conversations with Serena, we also got to know that out of work, she has been volunteering during her free time. She has also recently been appointed as a Citizens on Patrol (COP) member for her neighbourhood. She believes that while things might be looking bleak for her at this point, “the brightest is always in front of you as long as you don’t give up”.   Financial Breakdown ROHI would like to help give hope to the resilient mum by raising $2,275 for the following: Food & Sundry ($200 x 5 months) Pocket money allowances for daughter ($210 x 5 months) Transport fees for son ($45 x 5 months)   *Serena is currently receiving public assistance that is ending in February 2019    
News from our Past Cases
Stateless 80 year old ma relies solely on bread and rations to survive
Source: ROHI/ Shu Ying
Date: Dec 19, 2018
Double the impact of your giving this December! All donations on Ray of Hope will be matched dollar for dollar. 100% of your giving goes directly to our beneficiaries. Ray of Hope has previously raised $1250.00 ($250 x 6 months) to help ah ma with her living expenses ( Prior to her last disbursement, ah ma has expressed concerns about no longer receiving support from Ray of Hope. Ah ma told us how important this amount means to her as it is her only source of income. While other seniors are entitled to Silver support schemes and receives payouts occasionally, she informed us that she did not receive payouts of any kind due to her citizenship. The only monetary support that she was receiving was the $250/month from Ray of Hope. That $250 is also the only source of income for the 80 year old.  Mdm Wong recently found out that she had a tumour near her throat. While the doctor has advised her to go for operation to get rid of the tumour, Mdm Wong is reluctant to do so despite being warned that her tumour is life threatening and that her days are numbered. With your help, you can help make her days count. Besides being diagnosed with a tumour, the 80 year old also has mobility issues and the weakening of her joints is making it difficult for her to move around independently. This also affects her quality of life. With the festive season and Chinese New Year round the corner, the 80 year old hopes to be able to have a decent meal and not worry about her day to day living expenses.   Ray of Hope would like to raise $1500.00 ($250 x 6 months) for the stateless ah ma. Your donation matters. Please give hope so she can enjoy her remaining days left!      

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