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Help an abandoned and homeless 18 year old through life
Source: ROHI/Sharifah
Date: Apr 20, 2018
  Keith*, 18 years old, has lived a difficult and painful life. When he was 4 years old, he along with his younger brother were placed for adoption as their biological parents were unable to care for them. They were subsequently adopted by a married couple. Both Keith and his younger brother were diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and Keith also suffers from Scoliosis. Most 18 year olds in Singapore are provided for by their parents in a safe, caring and loving environment. They do not have to worry about a roof over their heads or when their next meal will be. For most teenagers, their biggest stressors would be examinations. But for Keith, his biggest worry is a place to call his own. Keith has been disowned by his adoptive parents and has since been living in various transitional shelters. At such a young age, he has to constantly worry about where to stay next. As Keith has been staying from one transitional shelter to another, there is no permanent place for him to call his own. He also has to constantly worry about his finances and future. Being disowned by his adoptive parents was by far the most painful thing that could happen to Keith. He could not understand why he was abandoned and disowned while his younger brother is still receiving love and affection from them. Besides having no contact with his parents, they have also stopped supporting him financially which has caused even more hardship for Keith as not only does he have to worry about a roof over his head, he has to worry about his day to day survival including whether he has enough money for meals and for his transport to school. Despite his tragic circumstances, Keith has hopes and aspirations. Our case managers met Keith in his school and his eyes lit up when we asked him what his dream job was. He excitedly informed us that he wishes to be a police officer in the major crimes department as it is his passion to help people. He understands the meaning of real hardship and wishes that no one else in Singapore has to suffer like him. ROHI would therefore like to raise S$1,127 (S$161 x 7 months) for Keith’s shelter fees and living expenses so that he can concentrate in school and not worry about his current situation. Like all 18 year olds in Singapore, Keith has aspirations and despite his tragic circumstances, he deserves a chance in life. *ROHI has decided to publish a back profile and change his name in order to protect the identity of Keith as he is a minor.  
News from our Past Cases
Help a baby who deserves a second chance to live
Source: Eileen
Date: Apr 20, 2018
The journey of caring for a child is often difficult, and having to raise three children including a Down Syndrome baby single-handedly has been especially daunting for Ms Rian*. In early April, Ms Rian’s child underwent a surgery to remove hardened stool that tormentingly stayed in her small body for the past year, which would have caused her heaps of pain and discomfort when it had stretched her intestine for the past one year. Yet she never fails to greet ROHI's case managers with her gleeful cheeky smile whenever they visited her.  Two weeks after her child was discharged, the 49-year-old single mum found herself at the doors of the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), praying that her child would survive the pain of going under the knife soon after her first surgery. On 19thApril, the baby underwent an emergency surgery after a colon infection. She was also sent to the hospital A&E twice prior to her second surgery. Although it pained Ms Rian to make that decision to let her child go under the knife, which she was extremely thankful for making the decision today. Ms Rian was informed by the surgeons that had the baby undergone the surgery any later, she would have lost her life.  The doctors called the baby a warrior when she was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth, but fought her way through to live. They also called her a miracle baby, a fighter who does not bow down to obstacles and challenges. Neither did she cry for a single moment after the 5-hour long surgery. Ms Rian confided in us that all she hopes is to see her baby grow into a healthy child and be able to run and laugh like the others. see a fighter in her, one who hasn’t fully embraced life with her love for her life, an angel, and a true blessing to those who love her. She’s carrying so much courage and strength in the small her that easily outwins anyone way beyond her age. Despite the physical and emotional fatigue that she has to go through, Ms Rian has never given up and continued caring for her child tirelessly. While knowing that her meagre salary is the only source of income for the family, the single mum has struggled with taking close to a month of unpaid leave to take care of her daughter, , resulting in arrears incurred of more than S$2,700 on top of the existing debts incurred by her ex-husband under her name.   ROHI previously raised S$810 for Ms Rian and her child. We would like to raise another $1,080 (S$360 x 3 months) for the baby’s milk and diapers expenses to lighten the financial burdens of the single mum. Your kind contribution will go a long way towards the baby who deserves a chance to live. Previous fundraiser:  *Name has been changed in order to protect the identity of Ms Rian and her children.     

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