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61-year-old tries to be self-reliant but poor health hinders her
Source: ROHI/ Shu Ying
Date: Dec 13, 2018
Double the impact of your giving this December! All donations on Ray of Hope will be matched dollar for dollar. 100% of your giving goes directly to our beneficiaries. The 61 year old's struggle Ray of Hope has previously fundraised for Mdm Yee when she was homeless and ( when she lost her mum (  After her mum’s death, the 61-year-old tried her best and picked herself up as fast as she could to get back to life. What she couldn’t deal with wasn’t the grief or the loneliness, but her poor health that prevented her from supporting herself financially.  Mdm Yee was determined to work harder after the loss of her mum, she even found a new cleaner job that gives her a much better pay than the previous job. Even though she is required to commit more hours, Mdm Yee was happy to take on the job just so she could earn more and be self-reliant. Unfortunately, the 61-year-old was diagnosed with chronic cough and has been coughing so badly that it prevents her from going to work. On top of that, Mdm Yee is diagnosed with a series of chronic conditions that include hypertension, hypothyroidism and mobility issues. After suffering from a fall a year ago, Mdm Yee underwent a knee replacement surgery to improve the conditions of her legs. Unfortunately, that incident has affected her ability to balance and move at a normal pace. She could only walk slowly and is unable to stand for long hours.  As a result, she has been on medical leave on most days and does not have an income.   How you can help? Ray of Hope is targeting to fundraise $1200.00 ($300 x 4 months) for Mdm Yee as she recuperates. We hope that with this financial interim assistance, she will be able to go back to work and be self-reliant once she gets better!  
News from our Past Cases
An accident robbed the family of its sole breadwinner
Source: Eileen
Date: Dec 06, 2018
Double the impact of your giving this December! All donations on Ray of Hope will be matched dollar for dollar. 100% of your giving goes directly to our beneficiaries. The Struggle It is never an easy decision for one to leave their hometown to help sustain the lives they leave behind. Like any migrant worker, Mr Liu Yu Guang came to Singapore with the hope of improving the life of his family back home in Hebei province in China. The 45-year-old who is the sole breadwinner of his family and the father to 4 schooling children, was able to send remittances home without fail each month with the S$1,700 wage that he was earning. Mr Liu works long hours from 5am to 6pm daily with only rest day a week. Unfortunately, Mr Liu met with an accident merely three months after he started work, when an electric grill hit his hand, causing a severe fracture requiring surgery. Despite being advised by the doctor to undergo surgery to avoid complications to the fracture, Mr Liu eventually only managed to undergo the surgery close to 5 months after his injury. The delayed treatment for his fractured hand has led to a high possibility of sustaining severe disability on his wrist, and his future worker as a manual worker will be severely impacted.    Help Needed – Give Hope The accident occurred on 28th of May 2018 when an electric grill hit Mr Liu’s hand while he was at work.  Mr Liu was brought to a clinic and was prescribed painkillers. Before he knew it, the pain soon grew to become unbearable and Mr Liu went to the hospital to seek treatment for his fracture as the painkillers could no longer keep the pain under control. Despite being advised that he needed immediate medical attention, Mr Liu’s pleas remain ignored by his employer. The pleas continued until Mr Liu finally underwent surgery only 5 months later after being granted consent for the surgery. Although the surgery fees were paid for by the employer, the doctors have now certified that Mr Liu is likely to suffer from a permanent disability on his right wrist due to the prolonged delay for medical attention. Besides having to endure the physical pain, Mr Liu confided in the case workers that he is more worried about how his family back home is going to cope with finances during this period. With his 4 children still schooling, the caregiving responsibilities for Mr Liu’s elderly father who is recovering from stroke, there is no one else in the family to replace his role. The accident has thrown Mr Liu into complete helplessness, especially when the man who used to be able-bodied is no longer able to support his family the way he used to. He also has no means of repaying the two loans of close to S$4,490 he undertook ($2,990 for his eldest daughter’s university fees this year and S$1,500 while he was injured.   Financial Breakdown ROHI would like to raise $1,200 ($300 x 4 months) for Mr Liu’s living expenses as he awaits an outcome for his MOM compensation. Your donations would give hope to Mr Liu and his family!  

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