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Give them a second chance to restart their lives
Source: Eileen
Date: May 24, 2018
ROHI met with 2 halfway house residents, who have great determination and resolve to turn over a new leaf and to live life with dignity. Here are their stories:  60-year-old Mr Mohan, is a divorcee with 3 children. However, he has not been in contact with them for more than 15 years following his divorce. Mr Mohan used to work as a processor before he was incarcerated for taking drugs. He is due to be discharged from the halfway house in August 2018, and is slated to start work as a cleaner in June.  ROHI would like to raise S$480 (S$240 x 2 months) for Mr Mohan's living expenses while he slowly gets back on his feet. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 28-year-old Mr Kumar used to live with his family in a two-room rental flat before he was incarcerated for drug possession and comsumption. He shared with us that he used to work as a third chef and was able to support his family with his pay of S$1,700. Since he was incarcerated, the responsibility of supporting the family fell onto the shoulders of his sister, who has been struggling with breast cancer and tuberculosis. Mr Kumar told us that he regrets taking drugs and is determined to start his life afresh for his family. He would be attending a course is culinary soon before getting a job placement.  ROHI would like to raise S$720 (S$240 x 3 months) for Mr Kumar's living expenses.
News from our Past Cases
Give hope to an abused mother and children
Source: ROHI/Sharifah
Date: May 04, 2018
Mdm Lisa*, 34 years old, has lived a difficult and painful life. Her husband, whom she is currently seeking divorce from, has abused her and her children physically, mentally and emotionally. Mdm Lisa has been abused repeatedly throughout their course of marriage being slapped, pinched, kicked and punched. Her estranged husband also molested her 10 year old daughter. The most painful ordeal for Mdm Lisa however, was when her husband created a fake Facebook account and spread nude photos of her. Till this day, her photos can be found on the internet. He is currently in prison for attempting to set Mdm Lisa and her 4 children on fire. Mdm Lisa is currently unfit for work as earlier this year she underwent surgery to remove three soft tissue tumours on her legs and arm which caused her significant pain for months. She is currently recuperating from her illness and is required to undergo constant check-ups to ensure that she is fully recovered before she is deemed fit for work. Caring for 4 children on her own while recovering from her surgery and illness has been extremely difficult. To make matters worst, she is currently caring for her niece and nephew after their parents were no longer able to care for them. The added responsibility of caring for two extra mouths have left Mdm Lisa under tremendous stress. While she is receiving government assistance, her cost of living has increased and she is unable to fully provide for her children, niece and nephew. Mdm Lisa’s 2 room rental unit was extremely cramped and humid. There was not much space for us to speak hence, we spoke outside. Our meeting with Mdm Lisa was a difficult one. Mdm Lisa broke down and cried when she spoke about her daughter being molested and having her nude and passport photos spread on the internet by her estranged husband. She told us that she is still living in a nightmare, haunted by the actions of a man who was supposed to protect and love her. With 2 additional mouths to feed, Mdm Lisa is at her wits end. ROHI is therefore raising S$600 (S$150 x 4 months) to offset Mdm Lisa’s living expenses while she and her family try their best to heal and move on from a traumatic and abusive life. Please help Mdm Lisa and her family get back on their feet!   *Name has been changed in order to protect the identity of Mdm Lisa as she and her children are victims of abuse.     

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