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Stroke robs family’s sole breadwinner
Source: ROHI admin
Date: Jul 23, 2018
Those who become migrant workers often leave their home town to help sustain the lives they leave behind. These migrant workers have to endure long working hours, exploitative wages and living conditions just to bring home an income that they hope, could help improve the living conditions of their loved ones. Mr Lu came to Singapore 5 years ago, in hope of earning a stable income to support his family back in China. Like all migrant workers who left their hometown to work in a foreign city, Mr Lu borrowed large sums of money (estimated $1.2K SGD) just to come to Singapore. Never did he expect that he would face such harsh exploitative conditions and working hours at his work place. He works 6 days a week, with a shift work of 8am-9pm.  Every month, the company will deduct $150 from the workers’ salary on the basis that workers have to contribute to the utilities bill. Workers will only be able to claim back this amount if they showed good performance. The long working hours and exploitative conditions soon took a toll on Mr Lu’s body. The sole breadwinner fainted on the 19th of June  2018 as a result of overworking. He was admitted to neurosurgery for left lentiform nucleus/ eternal capsule bleed . It has been a month since his accident and Mr Lu is still struggling with tremendous pain every day. As a result of the accident, he was diagnosed with stroke where he could no longer move the right side of his body. He is also unable to speak right now and is in the process of recovering his speech.  The family lost its sole breadwinner overnight.  Besides having to endure the physical pain, Mr Lu is more worried about how his family back home is going to cope with finances. With his teenage children still schooling, and his wife having to care-give for his elderly mum who is ill, there is basically no one else in the family to replace his role. Mr Lu is currently recuperating in a Hospital, but the company is thinking of cancelling his work permit and deporting him back to China. The doctor has advised that Mr Lu’s condition requires further rehabilitation. This would mean that Mr Lu has to borne the costs to continue further rehabilitation in China, should he be deported back. The 42 year old feels helpless and bleak about his future. The emotional distress is also overwhelming, as Mr Lu is uncertain of whether he will ever get better and recover completely. Thus, ROHI is raising S$1200 ($300 x 4 months) to help Mr Lu defray his children’s school fees and his family’s living expenses for a few months while he focus on recovering. Help give hope and donate to Mr Lu and his family!  
News from our Past Cases
Sick mother of 8 children struggles to provide for family
Source: ROHI/Sharifah
Date: Jul 13, 2018
  Mdm Aminah, 46 years old, has lived a difficult and tragic life. Her late husband passed away in 2004 when she was only 32 years old leaving her to care for their 3 children alone. In the beginning of this year she was diagnosed with liver enlargement which causes her to be unable to control her bladder well and occasionally she has pain and discomfort. She also suffers from poor appetite due to the liver enlargement. Mdm Aminah remarried a few years after her husband passed away however, she suffered another devastating life event when her current husband walked out on her and their children 2 months ago. Mdm Aminah is currently struggling to care for her 8 children, whose age are between 6 to 18 years old alone while suffering from liver enlargement. To further add to her worries, her 15-year-old daughter suffered a CCA related accident 3 months ago while playing netball in school. She collided with another person during training and fainted. Since then, her daughter has been prone to fainting spells and is undergoing further testing to ascertain the cause of her fainting spells. Despite her illness, Mdm Animah works hard as a private hire driver. She works from morning till late into the night, fighting back sleep and pain in order to be able to better provide for her children. Life has not been easy for the single mother. With so many mouths to feed, driving for more than 12 hours a day, having to battle pain due to her liver enlargement and caring for her daughter to ensure that she does not faint, Mdm Aminah is exhausted yet she pushes through each day as she is determined to provide the very best for her children. ROHI would therefore like to raise S$450 (S$150 x 3 months) to defray Mdm Aminah’s groceries expenses for 3 months. The money raised will be converted into NTUC vouchers and will be disbursed monthly. While Mdm Aminah receives government assistance, it is insufficient for the family of 9.  

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