Our Difference

What makes us different from other charities?

100% of Donations are Disbursed to Recipients - Funds for administrative costs and running costs of Ray of Hope are administered separately, so you know that whatever you donate goes towards the needs of our beneficiaries.

Structured Approach - We work with all our recipients to estimate their income and living expenses, debts, medical bills etc to determine the amount of funds to raise.

Accountability to Donors - Disbursements to receipients are made in instalments, sometimes in the form of vouchers to ensure that the money is used appropriately. Funds are held by Ray of Hope and not given to fundraisers or a lump sum to recipients.

Communication & Personal Touch - We ensure donors receive continuous and timely updates on recipients’ progress.

To ensure transparency and accountability to donors, Ray of Hope devised a structural approach that can be summarised into 5 main steps:


1) Verify that the recipient is in need of assistance via a home visit

2) Evaluate the needs of the recipient

3) Create a fundraising campaign

4) Assign a fundraising target for each case 

5) Feedback and updates to donors post campaign

To further elaborate, the Ray of Hope team visits the beneficiaries directly to understand their needs before assigning a fund-raising target for each case and justify why this amount of money is needed. Donations to beneficiaries are regulated so that they can manage their finances. Financial aid may be monetary or come in the form of vouchers (e.g. NTUC Fairprice).

While conducting assessment on recipients, factors such as a person’s loss of income as a result of the sudden crisis or medical expenses would be taken into consideration. Once the target value is assigned, a specific time period would be set for the campaign to take place. Once the funds are fully raised before due time, the campaign is considered successful. 

Ray of Hope takes a further step to ensure that beneficiaries’ needs are met by conducting post campaign visits. Their progress would be tracked and further updated on the website to assure that donors that their funds are properly accounted for.