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Crowdfunding site to return donations in fraudulent cases

Crowdfunding site, Ray of Hope Initiative, said that from Oct 1 this year, it will return donations in full if any of its fund-raisers turns out to be fraudulent. It is the first crowdfunding website in Singapore to offer a "donation back guarantee".

Full Media Release

Source: The Straits Times, Theresa Tan

Date: Published Sep 13, 2018

Social Enterprise, TreeDots creates business opportunities through reducing food wastage

With increased food wastage, TreeDots collaborates with crowdfunding websites such as Ray of Hope Inititative to use funds raised to purchase unexpired and diversified food, donate to disadvantaged families.

Source: Lianhe Zaobao,by 杨漾

Date: Published April 1, 2018

Letting people know where the money went is right thing to do, says online fundraiser

With the introduction of the new code of practice, it is essential for online fundraisers and crowdfunding platforms to take extra measure to provide updates, accountability and transparency. 

Source: The Straits Times,by Rahimah Rashith

Date: Published January 29, 2018

New code of practice for crowd-funding sites to be launched in Jan to prevent fraud, boost donor trust

Websites such as Give.Asia, Simply Giving, and Ray of Hope Initiative will be required to verify the legitimacy of the fund-raising appeal, and state clearly the service fee or cut they are taking from the amount raised, among other things.

Source: The Straits Times, by Theresa Tan

Date: Published December 30, 2017

TNP readers offer to help resilient PSLE pupils

TNP report on two kids who overcame the odds to do well in PSLE strike a chord 

Source: The New Paper, by Jan Lee

Date: Published November 29, 2017


Measures to ensure responsible use of online donations

New feature for national donation platform at year-end

Source: The Straits Times, by Priscilla Goy

Date: Published August 15, 2017


The Big Read: As crowdfunding sites rake in the donations, questions are raised over accountability

Using compelling pictures or videos depicting the plight of the needy, some fundraisers have been tugging the heartstrings of the public on social media and crowdfunding platforms to great effect.

Source: TodayONLINE, By Siau Ming En

Date: Published August 5, 2017, Updated August 10, 2017


Retiree who fell off Bishan MRT escalator awakes from coma after two months

Fundraising campaign introduced to aid family with hospitalisation and medical bills 

Source: The Straits Times, By Ng Huiwen

Date: Published January 12, 2017


Readers offer to help pay for stateless children's school fees

Group helps stateless individuals with financial needs

Source: TodayONLINE, By Wong Pei Ting

Date: Published October 2, 2016, Updated on Jan 26, 2017


Elderly retiree spends Chinese New Year alone and in debt after son’s death

Widower receives help from non-profit group to partially cover living expenses and debt left behind by his son

Source: The New Paper, By Shaffiq Alkhatib

Date: Published February 9, 2016


Cancer strikes family: Man survives but loses brother, father

Man survives but loses brother and father after cancer strikes family

Source: The New Paper, By Shaffiq Alkhatib

Date:  Published July 6, 2015


Bridget Tan, founder of group that helps foreign workers, seeks help after stroke

Foreign workers rights group founder gets help from non-profit group to cover expenses after suffering stroke

Source: The New Paper, By Shaffiq Alkhatib

Date:  Published March 18, 2015

Widow who squandered $1m: Lawyer says donors have little control

As donations are from many sources, no one party is able to dictate the terms of usage

Source: Straits Times, By Joyce Lim

Date: Published June 15, 2014


Help for those who want to give help

Group connects donors with people who need tiding over due to a sudden crisis

Source: Straits Times, By Priscilla Goy

Date: Published June 1, 2014