The Staff

Tan En, Director

Tan En is a dedicated activist for marginalized populations. He has served in a number of influential capacities in the non-profit sector, most notably as a Director of Advocacy at ACRES, a Legislative Assistant for a Member of Parliament, and a Program Manager for the Silent Foundation.


Sharifah Alhabshee, Counsellor and Case Manager

Sharifah started her career in the hospitality industry. A calling to do something more meaningful prompted her to make a career switch to the non-profit sector in 2016. When not busy visiting someone in need, she enjoys visiting museums and watching movies.

Eileen Tay, Case Manager

Eileen started volunteering in 2016 upon completing school, helping the underserved elderly declutter their homes on a weekly basis with a group of volunteers. Through volunteering, Eileen’s passion for helping the underprivileged was ignited, prompting her to make the big move and pursue a career in the non-profit sector. Prior to working at Ray of Hope, Eileen was working in the Education industry. Through working in the non-profit sector, she hopes to be able to help more people in need. In her free time, Eileen also organises events for the underprivileged at childrens’ homes.


Anusha Aswani, Partnership and Case Manager

Anusha's career first began in Corporate Communications where she was introduced to Corporate Social Responsibility and Community Development. She found herself focusing largely on Community Development projects and soon made the switch to Philanthropy. Having initiated various Social Projects in Nigeria, where she grew up, she decided to pursue her MBA in social impact where she realised that she knew little about the Social Sector in Singapore, her home. That's when she decided to dedicate her time to helping those in need across Singapore. In her free time, Anusha is usually found testing out a new recipe or watching her football club, Arsenal, surprise her in one way or another.