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Hermann Tan Fundraising Golf Tournament and Dinner 2018
Source: Kenneth Kan
Date: Aug 17, 2018
  Hermann Tan's Tragic Story On the evening of October 2010, Hermann Tan was found unconscious at the foot of a four story block. He had been sitting on the parapet when he accidentally slipped and fell, while making a telephone call. He was rushed to hospital but by the time he woke up from multiple operations, he could not move and realized that his fall had left him paralyzed. Hermann, his family and the men of 612 Bn (his NS battalion) were devastated after hearing the news from the surgeon. Hermann spent six long months in Intensive Care until he was transferred to the Lions Home for the Elders when his health improved a little. Today, Hermann is still bed ridden and immobile. He is unable to hold anything with his hands, feed himself, bathe or change on his own. He responds to friends by showing them his sweet, optimistic smile. Both his parents, who are in their late 60's, do not have much in savings to pay for his nursing home expenses. Hermann’s stay at the Lions Nursing Home costs approximately $1,400 per month. On our own volition, the members of 612 SIR set up a Trust Fund for anyone who wanted to donate to Hermann’s nursing home and medical costs. A Trust Committee was also set up to manage financial disbursements and to do yearly fundraisers every time the unit is recalled for ICT. Usage of the funds in the trust are strictly for Hermann based on the trust deed drafted by a lawyer from Drew & Napier LLC to guard against any potential abuse or embezzlement. In the unfortunate event of Herman’s demise, undisbursed funds in the trust will be used to defray some of the costs for the funeral. However, funds in Hermann’s trust fund have been steadily depleting. The unit has therefore decided to do a one-time fund raising campaign for Hermann ahead of 612 SIR’s standing down in a couple of years’ time.  We are organising a Fundraising Golf event to raise $50,000 for Hermann’s trust fund. A golf flight of 4 golfers costs $3,000 which includes lunch, green fees, buggy fees a hole- in-one prize and dinner. We ask for your generous support in the form of cash donations or a sponsored golf flight. Let’s show Hermann our big 2PDF Lions' heart and come together to support this worthy cause as one united Division.
News from our Past Cases
Give hope to a 56 year old single mum who requires leg support
Source: ROHI/ Shu Ying
Date: Aug 13, 2018
The Struggle Having to stand for 8-10 hours every day, 6 days per week without rest is by no means an easy feat to anyone, not even to teenagers in the pink of health, who are often guilty lamenting about pain and body aches that come with standing and working long hours of shift. Imagine a 56 year old, having to do the same. Age aside and apart from the usual problems caused by aging, Mdm Cheang, suffers from Neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue and is diagnosed with drop foot. This would mean that she has to be reliant on her leg support for her everyday activities. Yet, the resilient lady took on 2 jobs despite her leg condition, just to support her 3 children and an elderly mother in law from her previous marriage. Help Needed - Give Hope  The family of 4 is living in a two-room rental flat with the bare minimum and has been struggling to make ends meet ever since the children were born. Mdm Cheang has single handedly brought up her children since her divorce with her ex-husband. The optimistic mum jokingly told us that all the social workers in her neighborhood knows of her and sees her as a strong and resilient lady. After getting to understand more about her situation, it was not hard to understand why. Mdm Cheang took on whatever jobs that her social worker refers, just to make ends meet. After her ex-husband bailed on the family and has gone uncontactable ever since, Mdm Cheang not only became the sole breadwinner to her children but also her mother in law who was abandoned by her ex-husband. Unfortunately, Mdm Cheang’s 19 year old son is suffering from neurofibromatosis and has to constantly go for follow ups at the hospital to check for signs of tumor growth. Despite his poor health, her son has also been doing odd jobs while studying, just to pay for his school fees. Mdm Cheang’s mother in law also suffers from problems of aging and is a survivor of breast cancer. The family currently needs your help as Mdm Cheang is struggling to cope with the financial situation at home, as she requires a sum of $15,000 to apply for a HDB flat for her family. She also has limited capacity to support her son’s tertiary educational needs. There are little bursaries available, considering that he is attending a private school. Financial Breakdown Your $350.00 can help with the family’s food arrears and rental fees for a month. ROHI is helping to raise $1400 ($350.00 x 4 months) to help the family with their aforementioned arrears. Please give hope and help donate to the resilient single mum and her family!  

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