About Us

The Ray of Hope Initiative Limited (Ray of Hope) is a non-profit organisation founded in November 2012. Ray of Hope is dedicated to helping individuals and families living within our community in Singapore, who are going through hardships, who may otherwise have no access to assistance.

Ray of Hope's vision is to build a trusted platform, incorporating casework and counselling as well as programmes for the people in our community to help one another, as a positive giving experience cultivates a greater sense of individual responsibility, leading to stronger cohesion within our community.


Ray of Hope's mission is to help donors in our community help those who have fallen through the cracks.

Ray of Hope takes a structured approach. We work with all our recipients to estimate their income and living expenses, debts, medical bills et cetera before funds are raised. Disbursements are made in instalments, sometimes in the form of vouchers to ensure that the money is used appropriately. And we ensure that there is personal touch for giving where donors receive continuous and timely updates on recipients' progress.

Our Values

Ray of Hope abides by four core values. They are:

1) Accountability & Transparency

We collect, administer and disburse donations in an honest and transparent manner.

2) Fairness & Respect

We help all who need help, regardless of race, language, religion or social status. We must always be neutral and unbiased regardless of our own personal views. 

3) Communication

We share our decision-making process, give timely and unbiased updates on cases, be open to feedback, and ensure we maintain an efficient and effective platform for our donors.

4) Maximise Social Impact

Through innovation, partnerships and prudent resource allocation, we strive to touch the lives of as many people in need as possible, as well as ensure that every dollar donated achieves optimal results.