1. Who is Ray of Hope? What does Ray of Hope do?

Ray of Hope is a registered charity founded in November 2012. We are dedicated to helping deserving individuals and families living within our community who are going through hardship, who have a genuine need for help and may otherwise have no access to assistance. Ray of Hope aims to build a society where the people in our community help one another; as a positive giving experience cultivates a greater sense of individual responsibility, leading to stronger social cohesion within our community.

100% of all your donations goes to our beneficiaries.

2. What is Ray of Hope's mission and vision?

Ray of Hope's Vision = To build a trusted platform, incorporating casework and counselling as well as programmes for the people in our community to help one another, as a positive giving experience cultivates a greater sense of individual responsibility, leading to stronger social cohesion within our community. 

Ray of Hope's Mission Statement = To help donors and volunteers in our community help those who have fallen through the cracks.

3. What makes Ray of Hope different to other charitable organisations? Why donate through Ray of Hope?

Ray of Hope is different because there is:

1) Donor accountability - All donations are collected by Ray of Hope. We perform due diligence before donations are disbursed.

2) Structured and responsible disbursement of funds - We work closely with all our recipients to estimate their income and living expenses, debt, medical bills et cetera before funds are raised.  Disbursements are then made in installments, sometimes in the form of vouchers to ensure that the money is used appropriately. 

3) Personal touch for giving - Donations are disbursed directly to the individual or family and not to a general pool. Donors receive continuous and timely updates on our beneficiaries' progress. 

4. What are Ray of Hope's core values?

1) Accountability & Transparency - We collect, administer and disburse donations in an honest and transparent manner.

2) Fairness and respect - We help all who need help, regardless of race, language, religion or social status. We must always be neutral and unbiased regardless of our own personal views. 

3) Communication - To share our decision-making process, give timely and unbiased updates on cases, be open to feedback, and ensure we maintain an efficient and effective platform for our donors

4) Maximise Social Impact - Through innovation, partnerships and prudent resource allocation, we ensure that every dollar donated achieves optimal results. 

5. How does Ray of Hope get its funding?

100% of all donations goes out to our beneficiaries. The operating costs for running Ray of Hope are administered separately. We are very much dependent on the support of our generous donors, to help keep us going!

6. Who does Ray of Hope work with?

We work with other social service organisations, companies, schools, public sector bodies and individuals. 


7.  Who does Ray of Hope help raise funds for?

We raise funds for families in need, the elderly, children, and those who need assistance with their medical bills. We are unable to support animals that have a need for help at the moment.


8. Is my contribution tax deductible? 

No, Ray of Hope (Registration number 201229333H) is a registered Charity, not an Institute of Public Character (IPC).

9. What are the various ways to give? 

You can contribute by:

1) Donating

a. Donating to individual cases 

b. Donating monthly

c. One-time donation

d. Make a gift donation - Weddings, birthdays, anniversaries or the birth of a child are all special moments that can have special meaning. You can choose to make a donation in honor of someone's special occasion.  

e. Memorial gift  - Gifts donated in memory of a loved one are a wonderful way to honor and recognise their life. 

f. Workplace giving 

g. Corporate matching gift 

2) Fundraising

a. Help fundraise on behalf of someone 

b. Pledge your happy occasion: birthday, wedding, graduation and anniversary - Instead of a birthday present this year, or ang baos (red packets) for your wedding, why not ask your friends and family to make a donation to Ray of Hope instead.  More and more these days, people invite their guests to make a donation to benefit a cause instead of receiving gifts for special occasions. Turning your celebration into a chance to help others who are less-fortunate, will make it even more memorable for both you and your guests. 

c. Funeral collection - Celebrate the life of your loved one by donating Funeral Collections in their memory. If you're arranging for a funeral, you may like to encourage friends and relatives to make a memorial contribution to Ray of Hope. Many people have started to donate funeral collections to support causes they care about.  

d. Organising a fundraising event - You may want to do more than just donate to Ray of Hope. You can host your own private fundraising event with friends, family and co-workers; it could be a movie night, sports match, giving up chocolate, or whatever takes your fancy. The possibilities are endless!

10. What does the Red Box with 'Pending' mean and what does the Green box with 'Verified' mean?

Ray of Hope ensures that there is donor accountability. Green boxes means that Ray of Hope case workers have contacted and verified that the case is a genuine need for help and the due diligence has been done. Red boxes means that Ray of Hope case workers are still in the process of verifying the case and due diligence has not been carried out yet. 

11. What happens when donations raised for a beneficiary are exceeded?

If donations raised for a beneficiary are exceeded, excess funds will be channelled to help other Ray of Hope beneficiaries whose targets are not met.


12. Who can I fundraise for?

You will be able to fundraise for anyone who is living in Singapore with a genuine need for help, however you are not allowed to fundraise for yourself. You must seek and obtain the permission of the relevant beneficiary and/or his/her family before creating a Fundraising Page and fundraising campaign on the Website on behalf of the beneficiary or on behalf of the beneficiary and/or his/her family.

13. Why am I directed to MC payment page for payment? Who is MC payment?

MC payment was founded in Singapore in 2005, they are Asia's leading provider for electronic payment transactions. Ray of Hope had chosen to support a Singapore company for it's online payment portal. MC payment website is at: http://mcpayment.com/

For further questions, please contact us on: +65-6705 1912 0r email us at: info@rayofhope.sg. 


14. Who stores your credit or debit card details?

We do not store your credit card or debit card details. We utilise MC Payment as our merchant facility, therefore your payment details are stored with our merchant MC Payment. For recurring donations, we use the services of MC Payment which stores your credit card or debit card data. 


15. How do I terminate my monthly recurring donation, and how long will the termination take to be processed? 

We will be sad to see you go, but should you decide to terminate your monthly recurring donation, please email info@rayofhope.sg and we will inform our payment portal MC Payment accordingly. You will receive an email confirming the termination of your monthly recurring donation within three working days.


16. Is my donation refundable?

Please note that all donations made are non-refundable. 

17. Does Ray of Hope raise funds for foreign charitable appeals or foreigners not living or working in Singapore?

Ray of Hope raises funds for those living in Singapore. Our vision is to build a trusted platform incorporating casework and counselling as well as programmes for the people in our community to help one another, as a positive giving experience cultivates a greater sense of individual responsibility, leading to stronger cohesion within our community.