Our Events

Giving Week Grocery Distribution 2017

A significant number of our beneficiaries struggle with their basic necessities such as groceries and cut back on meals so that they can pay their utilities and medical bills on-time.

It is with this in mind that ROHI decided to host a grocery distribution drive, to deliver fresh fruits and vegetibles to our low-income beneficiaries.

On 25 Novermber,  ROHI's volunteers delivered grocery packs to 32 families islandwide! The volunteers gathered early at 10am at FoodBank to pack the groceries into respective bags. The grocery and necessity packs included items such as fresh fruit, vegetables, frozen meat, rice, oil, biscuits, towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste and bedsheets as well as cleaning products.

With the help of 34 volunteers, the grocery bags were prepared and ready to be delivered in no time!

Our beneficiaries were pleasantly surpised when they found the contents in the bag!



Testimonials from our beneficiaries:


“Thank you ROHI! The groceries came in at the right time (month end) as I was already running out of food at home. Thank you to the kind donors for helping my family.”

“Thank you so much ROHI. I was so worried about how I was going to buy school shoes and bags for my sons and now I no longer have to worry. ROHI has always helped me and for that I am extremely grateful”.

"I am thankful to ROHI and their kind donors for their generosity. The groceries would help in lowering our expenses as my husband is the sole breadwinner of the family. And my kids can finally afford to enjoy a Mcdonalds meal. The Popular and BATA vouchers will also come in handy when my children need stationery and stationery for school.”


Thank YOU volunteers for making this event possible! It was a successful event, thanks in the largest part to you volunteers who kept everything running smoothly.

Thank you for sharing your time with us and for bringing joy to the lives of our beneficiaries. They were truly appreciative of the grocery packs that were given to them

and that it means a lot, especially when these fresh groceries could last them for a week, saving them from the worry and struggle of putting food on the table.


Parenting Seminar 2017

ROHI hosted a parenting workshop on 2 December, aimed at counselling our beneficiaries who are parents, to achieve self-reliance and independence. Through this parenting seminar, we hope to empower parents from low-income families with better coping mechanisms and to hone their parenting skills to make better decisions for their children. An external trainer was engaged to teach parents how to take charge of their parenting, identify their roles and to recognize the values they wish to inject to their kids and family.


Thankfully, while these parents were listening attentively to the seminar, we had the help of 15 volunteers who volunteered as child minders to facilitate kids yoga and an arts and crafts session to keep the kids entertained!

Acrylic painting with the volunteers' guidance!

And their finished pieces! The kids enjoyed the activities so much that they were already asking when is the next event even before this one has concluded!


Testimonials from our beneficiaries:

“The seminar was very fun and me and my wife learnt about the foundation of building a healthy family. I will apply whatever that I have learnt to my children so that our relationship will be even stronger”

“I have attended parenting seminars before but this is the first time that a parenting seminar was fun and interactive. I actually learnt a lot”.


Once again, we would like to give a huge shoutout to the volunteers who made this event possible! The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention and we thank you for putting your intentions into actions!

 We hope it was a rewarding experience and that you had as much fun as our beneficiaries did! :)