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I had the opportunity to volunteer my effort to clean up a house for a beneficiary whose mobility has been restricted due to illness. As such, her house has not been cleaned up for a while. Together with other volunteers, we managed to clean up the living room, kitchen and toilets and making sure it was in a comfortable state for the beneficiary.

This experience has opened my eyes to the struggles faced by the less fortunate. I truly admire the heart and will of ROH to provide a helping hand to the beneficiaries.“

- Grant Thornton Volunteer

“A group of us assisted in tidying the home of a lady with mobility challenges, Mdm Lim. We worked tirelessly for three hours, had fun in the process and certainly learnt a thing or two about each other. No word of complaint was uttered except for the occasional shriek that permeated the air when a roach darted across the room. Time passed quickly, and we were heartened to see that our efforts were well received, and even more so that it had made a difference in Mdm Lim’s life.”

- Grant Thornton Volunteer

“I worked together with about 10 colleagues to improve the living conditions of an elderly amputee, Rafi. We understood that it would be challenging for him to perform daily household/routine chores due to his mobility difficulties, and because he lived alone. Upon arrival, while we were jolted out of our senses, we did as best as we could to make his conditions more comfortable. Similarly, we realised more deeply that there could be many individuals in similar situations, and that it would be our responsibility to help wherever we could.

It was a thoroughly rewarding and fulfilling experience, as our efforts were greatly appreciated, and this experience certainly inspired us to do more.”

- Grant Thornton Volunteer