Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities

At ROHI, it’s all about going the extra mile. ROHI is dedicated to helping our beneficiaries beyond giving financial assistance because we recognise that our beneficiaries sometimes might need other forms of assistance. If you would like to volunteer to befriend our beneficiaries so that you can accompany them on their medical appointment, help give financial counselling, or even give tuition, you can sign up here!
We have organised past events like spring cleaning, where our volunteers help revamp beneficiaries' homes, to give them a thorough makeover and a cleaner environment to live in! One such beneficiary is Mdm Lim, who told us that she has never seen her house this clean before. ROHI also replaced Mdm Lim's old and torn sofa with a new one, hoping that a small gesture like this would alow her to live more comfortably.

Photo: Volunteers doing spring cleaning for Mdm Lim 

Photo: Mdm Lim on the right with her daughter

At a Glance..

ROHI peviously organised a grocery distribution drive where volunteers delivered fresh fruits, vegetables and daily neccessities to 32 low income families.


Current Volunteer Opportunities @ ROHI


1. Volunteers are needed to help with the spring cleaning of one of our beneficiaries' home!

Mr Zainuddin, 63 years old, is unable to stand for long periods of time and is dependent on a wheelchair. Mr Zainuddin suffers from a long list of serious and chronic illnesses such as diabetes, high cholesterol, ischemic heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, gout and osteoarthritis. A such, ROHI hopes to recruit some volunteers to help with the spring cleaning of Mr Zainuddin's house.

Date: 7th April (Saturday)

Time: 930am -1pm.

No. of Volunteers required: 10 (ongoing recruitment)

Role of Volunteers: Volunteers are required to help with spring cleaning and engage in tasks such as cleaning, mopping and decluttering of beneficiaries' home.

Sign up here

2. Volunteer Befriender

Mr Chong, 66 years old, is an elderly living in a rental flat. Like many other elderly living in isolation, Mr Chong often finds himself staring at his ceiling, constricted to the 4 walls of his tiny rental flat. He confided in us that he often feels helpless, lonely, and bleak about the future.

Thus, he hopes to have a volunteer that can visit him weekly or bi-weekly to talk to. 


3. English Tutor

One of our beneficiary, a widow with two girls, requires an english tutor to help hone her language skills!

Volunteers will conduct the sessions at the beneficiary's place weekly.

Feel free to email shuying.tay@rayofhope.sg if you would like to register for any of the aformentioned programmes!

Group Volunteer Opportunities

If you are a corporation, school, or a group of friends or family looking to volunteer and provide support to our beneficiaries, we would love to hear from you. Please email us at info@rayofhope.sg and we will be in touch!